SWAN SONGS OF CYGNUS: THE WEIGHT OF BLACK HOLES a love story transcending space and time

Author: Vincent Hollow

Paperback: 9781646207510
Hardback: 9781646207503
PDF: 9781646207527
EPUB: 9781646207527
Kindle: 9781646207527

Mourning the death of his love, a bereaved astronaut signs up for a deep space mission to reunite with her ghost, even if it means becoming a ghost himself.

At the speed of light, the astronaut jettisons through the solar system, pausing only to gaze at its celestial splendor, cast under the grandeur of the planetarium, seeing her apparition in every sphere.

Upon entering interstellar space, the astrinaut is consumed with overwhelming heartache, and the resorts to taking prescribed volatilized pyschedelics to calm his nerves.

Experiencing lucid dreams and terrifying nightmares in technicolor nebulae and barren exoplanets, the immense gravitational pull of his lost love grows stronger, drawing him even closer to their singularity at the center of the black swan.