GHOSTS and other VITAL ORGANS: an obituary of echoes

Author: Vincent Hollow

Paperback: 9781646203154
Hardback: 9781646203161
PDF: 9781646203178
EPUB: 9781646203178
Kindle: 9781646203178

Ghosts and Other Vital Organs is a revisit to one’s mausoleum of nightmares and confronting the monsters within. Be prepared to meet—again—the demons you have buried for so long. They are rearing their ugly heads at you once more along with haunting screams. Can you take them?

It will do you good to let these demons roam around the glass house. Sometimes, all you need to do is look right back at it and never back down. Not even when they let out the most guttural, haunting moans. The hidden horrors may rear their ugly heads and look right through you, reminding you once more of their grotesqueness. But facing one’s monsters head-on can actually save one’s life, and a reminder that sometimes the scariest things lie within us, and are vital to our survival.